Blackout is a night out with the lights out.

On a Friday evening, hundreds of students come together to shut down their entire campus for the whole weekend.

Lights, computers, appliances, whatever. Everything we don’t need to leave on, but don’t bother to switch off. We shut them down, and leave a note to remind people for next time.

We monitor the electricity savings this makes over a single weekend, and show our institutions how much energy they’re wasting.

If we can motivate people to change simple shut down behaviours when they leave campus for the weekend, the national carbon and financial savings are massive.  

And for the students, it’s a great way to hang out and enjoy some free pizza while leading the way on creating genuinely energy-efficient campuses.

Developed by the University of Southampton and delivered nationally in partnership with NUS, Blackout lets staff and students collaborate to cut carbon, change behaviours and make UK campuses more sustainable.