Want some training on sustainability?

Monday 06-07-2015 - 16:11

We can offer you hands on support for driving sustainability at your students' union, from full day environmental audits, to training sessions in a huge range of subjects.

Whether you're taking part in one of our sustainability programmes, or are just trying to improve your performance in this area more generally, why not take advantage of the expertise of our department?

We can offer a huge range of training and support to help boost your social and environmental impact.

Sustainability Training

We are offering the chance to receive a full days training session focused on one of these topics:

  • Carbon Academy – review your energy impact, learn from good practice stories in other students’ unions and start to tackle your challenges.
  • Green Impact Students’ Unions Launch – get Green Impact launched at your students’ union with staff and officers workshops to make sure that everyone is up to speed with the campaign.
  • Sustainability Campaigns – gain an understanding of sustainability campaigns, how they are relevant to you and build your skills by planning out a campaign that’s important to you.
  • Divestment - spend a day learning about the global divestment movement, and how you can win on your campus. You can get your institution to move their money out of fossil fuels, and into renewables.
  • Student Auditors – training up student volunteers to audit the sustainable credentials of a given area. In the past this has been used to audit other organisations working in the students’ union and private rented accommodation.
  • Project Management – an introduction to the skills required to successfully manage a project including, leadership skills, project planning, decision making, negotiating and monitoring your impact.
  • Fundraising – learn how to effectively fundraise for your project through creative means and bid writing from an organisation with a track record of successful applications.
  • Ethical Procurement – - help to develop a detailed understanding of sustainable procurement, and the NUS eight step Ethical Supply Chain Programme, unique business insight into the student market, and the potential for constructive engagement with suppliers.
  • Communications – a day focusing on how to engage with students, using the web effectively, creating engaging workshops and public speaking.Bespoke session - a training session designed according to your needs. Please contact us to discuss your ideas. 

Sustainability Audits

We are offering the change to receive a full environmental audit from one of NUS’ experienced auditors.

Sustainability Mentoring

You can receive three days of personal mentoring from a member of the sustainability department, focused on issues that are important to you. 

To talk about any of these training, audit or mentioring options just email us or sign up now.


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