University of Warwick divests from fossil fuels

Thursday 09-07-2015 - 13:40

The University of Warwick are the latest institution in the UK to pull their money out of fossil fuels – with a unanimous vote for divestment.

After two years of incredible campaigning, we’re pleased to congratulate the student activists at the University of Warwick for pressuring their institution to divest from fossil fuels.

Dan Goss, from Fossil Free Warwick University, said that “we are all delighted that Warwick has brought its investments in line with its professed values, and heeded the call of the democratic majority”.

They join a growing number of institutions across the UK turning their backs on fossil fuels.

From Glasgow, to Bedfordshire, to Oxford, to SOAS, to Edinburgh, we’re seeing so many universities doing the right thing and listening to the thousands of students calling for divestment.

This announcement comes just one day after an amazing session at Students’ Unions 2015 on divestment from fossil fuels, where newly elected and re-elected student officers came together to plan their campaigns for the year ahead.

We’re going to see so many more divestment wins in the next 12 months. This announcement from Warwick is only going to build momentum further. 

Well done again to students at the University of Warwick for such an inspiring and incredible victory in their divestment campaign. Together, we can build on this even further.

Read more about how to get a divestment campaign up and running on your campus or get in touch to ask us more.

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