Students for Trees' council member Jean-Louis tells us about Ecosia

Thursday 09-04-2020 - 09:55

You may or may not have heard of Ecosia before, so if you haven’t let me introduce a way for YOU to plant trees with your online searches. The best thing is, it takes minimal time to install, it doesn’t cost you a penny and it won’t make any difference to your online results; welcome to the tree planting search engine!       

Ecosia Search Engine                       

Ecosia was established by a man called Christian Kroll in Berlin, Germany back in 2009. Since then they have upgraded their operation to include a solar plant which now enables their servers to run off clean energy, making the system carbon-negative overall (pretty smart, right?). Ecosia also prides itself in using 80% of its profits to help support tree planting project over the globe, making huge impacts felt throughout multiple communities for decades to come, all thanks to people like you. So far, they have planted over 85 million trees and support well over 15 million users globally (correct when published). It is a non-profit organization who can provide the world with a search engine which is just as quick and extensive as Google or Bing, but it has zero negative impact on our environment and is actually helping to recover some of the damage left behind from previous generations.


So, how can you get involved? Well, first of all you could download the search engine plug in for your home needs (mobile, tablet and laptop friendly) here:


Google Chrome:

Google Play:

Apple store:




But if you’d like to be a true tree hero and spread this awesome search engine at your educational facility (school, college or University) then all you need to do is talk to the friendly staff at the Ecosia on Campus Facebook page and get a hold of all the information and materials needed to kickstart your very own campaign: (


If you’re not in an educational facility but you’d still like to get your organisation to switch its default browser to Ecosia, then I’m sure we can still help you achieve this with our online team to support you. There are so many great benefits to shout about and I can guarantee this will help you to tick lots of boxes on becoming eco-friendlier and even better it won’t affect your budget!


For more information on all of the current projects, campaigns and Ecosia news, then check out the official blog here:

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