Here's what you got up to for Go Green Week

Friday 12-02-2016 - 00:00

Go Green Week is always a great week for sustainability action across students' unions - and this year was no exception. Here's what some of you got up to.

Myerscough Students' Union

Myerscough Students Union launched a new bicycle hire scheme! It’s only £2 per day, £5 for weekends and £40 per term. They're providing affordable transport, promoting healthy lifestyles and cutting carbon.

Canterbury College Students' Union

Students at Canterbury College Students' Union joined thousands around the world to call for divestment from fossil fuels. You can do the same. We've just launched our own Divest-Invest campaign - calling for institutions to move £100 million from coal, oil and gas into renewables.

Barclays occupation

Students across Lancaster, Leeds, London, Oxford and Sheffield have occupied five branches of Barclays in protest of their unethical investments in fossil fuels.

University of Newcastle Students' Union

Newcastle were campaigning on a huge range of things, including travel, food waste, domestic waste and education around the impacts of meat and milk. 

Liverpool Hope Students' Union

Liverpool Hope Students' Union are promoting sustainable transport, and trying to improve local provisions by gathering data for a survey.

UCLan Students' Union

Lord Greaves came along for a debate on fracking at UCLan Students' Union, continuing a load of passionate student-led activism against fossil fuel extraction in the area.

University of Westminster Students' Union

Fairtrade food and drink has been a massive theme for Go Green Week at Westminster, along with biodiversity, green spaces and loads more. 

University of West of England Students' Union

At UWE, students are enjoying a kilo shop - where you can get any kilo of second hand clothing for just five pounds, diverting loads of garments from landfill while raising money for charity.

University of Kent Students' Union

Over in Kent, the students' union has signed up for a simple but effective redistribution scheme - helping them share furnature with their community, cutting down on the need to buy new.

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