Green Gauge

Green Gauge helps universities to understand the impact of student and staff attitudes and behaviours around environmental policy.

Why should my university sign up?

Our research service offers institutions insight into the environmentally-friendly attitudes and behaviours demonstrated by their students and staff, as well as feedback on existing university environmental schemes, impacts and longevity through surveys with staff and students. 

Our research service can:

  • Canvass opinions on your university’s environmental initiatives
  • Maximize the effectiveness of communications by finding out what channels staff and student tune into
  • Gain key information on Scope 3 carbon emissions
  • Gauge students’ and staff environmental awareness
  • Offer a focus group bolt-on to uncover key issues to feed into the survey development, or to gain further detailed insight into survey findings. 

Institutions can also opt to run staff focus group research in place of the survey if more appropriate. This bolt-on includes an initiation meeting, discussion guide, 3 x 60 minute focus groups with 6-8 participants, incentives (£30 cash for each student), transcripts and write-up.

Why choose Green Gauge to deliver your research?

Choose from a range of question modules, including ‘Energy behaviours’, ‘Waste behaviours’ and ‘Evaluating existing initiatives’. In each module a core cassette of standard questions allows for national benchmarking, alongside the opportunity to develop bespoke research solutions, tailored to the objectives of each university. 

NUS works to create a hybrid university and union working group to determine the focus of the research and provide the group with opportunities to feed into the research throughout the course of the project.

Working carefully with a diverse team, the student element of the package is run through the students' union to guarantee high response rates. We will also manage the recruitment and running of the focus group research should this bolt-on option be included in your package. A branded final report with concise executive summary is produced upon completion. This report has been discussed within institution senior management group meetings, benefitting the universities with actionable, supported results.

We are experts in the environmental field within higher education and further education

This research package has been specifically designed to assist universities with HEFCE Scope 1 and 2 emission reduction targets and the option of reporting Scope 3 emissions as well.Our research team offer gold standard, professional research and are able to guarantee student response rates through close existing relationships with students' unions.We are passionate about working with universities to minimise impact on the environment using trailblazing behaviour change models.

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